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Welcome to Pyrenean Mastiffs de Monte Sano Kennel

Welcome to Pyrenean Mastiffs de Monte Sano Kennel

A giant dog welcome home. (These are actually young, 21 1/2 months, 18 months and 14 1/2 months old.

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Livestock Guardian dogs are gaining in popularity, none more popular than the Great Pyrenees. However, on the other side of the Pyrenees mountains another ...

A Rare Pyrenean Mastiff Shows up to Play at Dog Park

A huge Pyrenean Mastiff, two St. Bernards, a Golden Retriever puppy, a Bandog, a Husky and other assorted dog breeds play with each other at the dog park.

Pyrenean Mastiff - Video Learning - WizScience.com

The \

Pyrenean Mastiff (Mastín del Pirineo) - Dog Breed

The Pyrenean Mastiff is also known by the names: Mastín del Pirineo, Mastí del Pirineu. Origin The Pyrenean Mastiff is believed to be descended from dogs ...

Pyrenean Mastiff Dog breed

Pyrenean Mastiff Dog breed.

Yo Mastín del Pirineo ¿Y tú? I Pyrenean Mastiff. And you?

Mastines del Pirineo de Gaspalleira.

Pyrenean Mastiff dog

Pyrenean Mastiff dog.



Pyrenean Mastiff playing in kiddie pool

Pyrenean Mastiff pups Mito and Alegria having summer fun in the water with help from a little friend.

Bostonterrier and Pyrenean Mastiff

Idiot Bostonterrier playing and \

Pyrenean Mastiffs Playing

I caught the very end of an early morning romp.

Pyrenean Mastiff

Pyrenean Mastiff.

pyrenean mastiff

pyrenean mastiff: Mooses.

Pyrenean Mastiff Dylan enjoyoing some days out


How to kiss (Pyrenean Mastiff Puppies)

Our two Pyrenean Mastiff puppies showing each other some love.

Pyrenean Mastiff

The Pyrenean Mastiff is a large breed of dog originally from the Aragonese Pyrenees in Spain. It should not be confused with the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

Pyrenean Mastiff Puppy Winter

Finally! Another video! This one was supposed to be made in January, but with college and work I never got around to it until now. Please enjoy! Song: Winter by ...

Top 5 Mastiff Dog Breeds for Protection

5 Mastiff Dogs Breeds for Personal and Property Protection 1 - English Mastiffs 2 – Bullmastiff 3 - Great Dane or German Mastiff 4 - Pyrenean Mastiff 5 - Dogo ...

Pyrenean Mastiff puppies

Pyrenean Mastiff puppies.

Theodore, a Pyrenean Mastiff pup, and his baby friends


5-month-old Great Dane and 8-month-old Pyrenean Mastiff


Pyrenean Mastiff Puppies 2 1/2 weeks old

2nd video entering the whelping box.

Pyrenean Mastiff puppies playing in the pen

Out for some fresh air on a beautiful day!

Tired 5 month old Pyrenean Mastiff puppies

Our tired Pyrenean Mastiff puppies, they have played the whole day and now they are sleeping hard. They are siblings and are called Elis and Clotilde.

Pyrenean Mastiffs Happy Trails

Fun on the trails of Monte Sano.

Pyrenean Mastiffs de Monte Sano

Feeling good after a bath.

Young Pyrenean Mastiffs at Play

These are young Pyrenean Mastiffs at play at Pyrenean Mastiffs de Monte Sano kennel in Huntsville AL. The oldest is 12 months old, the next one is 9 months ...

Pyrenean Mastiff Puppy Love

EDIT: This is NOT a mix breed! They are Pyrenean Mastiffs/Mastines Del Pirineo. They are NOT Great Pyrenees or St Bernard mixes. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Pyrenean Mastiff And His Friends

Pyrenean Mastiff, Samoyed and Bostonterrier playing at the forest and at the water.

AMAZING Pyrenean Mastiff (Mastin Del Pirineo) Dog Facts And Breed Info

AMAZING Pyrenean Mastiff (Mastin Del Pirineo) Dog Facts And Breed Info - \

International Day of Pyrenean Mastiff (October, 12 - 2016)

Día Internacional del Mastín del Pirineo (12 de Octubre de 2016)

Mastin del Pirineo · Pyrenean Mastiff & Jack Russell Terrier

Juegos · Plays Donna Divina de la Cabaña de Otaula (Mastín del Pirineo · Pyrenean Mastiff) y Lura de Gaspalleira (Jack Russell Terrier).

Pyrenean mastiff puppy maisie moo

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

Pyrenean Mastiff (Mastín del Pirineo) at Dog show (Murtois Kennel) 2


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